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Transitioning into a new stage of life may leave you or your loved one feeling lost. We want you to know you are not alone.  Every day we take calls from people just like you who need answers to questions about securing appropriate care for themselves or a loved one.   Our objective is to enhance your understanding of assisted living options through providing information in the form of frequently asked questions and answers.   We hope that this information will help you understand more about assisted living and whether Hope Landing may be able to meet your needs.  We would love to hear your story.  Please give us a call at 517-541-9620 and tell us how we may be of assistance.

Most days you can just stop in and we will have time to give you a tour. However, it is best to first call or email Hope Landing and schedule your visit. You may also submit your request by clicking “contact us”. We are happy to setup a time to show you our facility and discuss our premier services. During your visit, we’ll talk to you about your personal circumstances and how we can meet you or your loved one’s individual needs

Assisted Living describes a senior’s home environment where all the gaps in their needs and wants are met. The focus is on caring for the residents in their current stage and continuing to care for them by nurturing their physical, emotional and social needs.

Many who enter comment on the feel of the building, how clean it is or how good it smells. But the real difference is made by our Care Team. They are taught our mission from the start which is to passionately help our residents lead rich and fulfilling lives through meaningful relationships and activities. To live out that mission, our Care Team learns each resident’s likes, dislikes and preferences, helping to anticipate a resident’s needs before they arise. The more we can fill a gap and nurture the relationship, the more meaningful our service becomes. Our residents and their Care Team members build strong bonds and we always care for our residents like they are our own family.

Yes.  You must be 62 or older to live at Hope Landing. While resident ages vary, many of our residents are in their mid-80s.

This question has such a large answer, so we have dedicated an entire blog series to it. Please check it out by clicking on “Blog”. The time is different for everyone. It is both a personal and family decision. Great care should go into the discussion and anyone with a vested interest should be involved. Respect should be paid to everyone’s emotions. It is normal to have reservations about moving into an assisted living but important to remember that assisted living is the right choice for many aging individuals.  Through researching options and planning now, you or your loved one will have the ability to choose their future home. Those who wait often lose control over where they end up.  Making the decision on your terms allows you to choose a facility with the best location, price point, and services to fit your individual needs.

The short answer is, yes! In fact, many seek out our services after a loved one has a fall. For each resident, we develop a Care Plan before move-in that details care needs and preferences and addresses safety concerns specifically for that individual. Just as no two people are identical, neither is the best way to care for them. If falling is a concern, the Care Plan may include interventions to help address this issue for our caregivers to follow. Additionally, we offer exercise class three times weekly that focuses on strength, balance and range of motion, which may assist in reducing the risk of falling.

Hope Landing can serve individuals who need minimal, moderate or maximum help with personal and medical care such as: dressing, bathing, personal hygiene and medication management. We service independent seniors, who simply want three satisfying meals a day, friendly smiles, and an occasional helping hand, as well as those who need full-time personal care, and everything in between. Hope Landing is a full service senior community with exceptional food, stimulating activities, professional care, and private, personalized living quarters.

Any resident living at Hope Landing will live in a private apartment. They will receive three daily home-cooked meals, multiple pleasant activity options, medication management overseen by their physician, housekeeping and laundry services. Residents are given a call button they can call for 24-hour assistance. In general, our base level is everything we do, except “hands on” care. Hands on services are included in the individual care fee.

Upon move-in, with the help of your doctor, we will assess your current health and review your medical history to see how we can best meet your needs. We will also discuss your preferences as well as your normal routines to develop a Care Plan that’s tailor made for you.

We are not an inpatient intensive rehab or skilled nursing facility. That said, there are opportunities to have home health rehab companies come in and provide physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy just as they would in your home. We are not to admit a resident who requires skilled nursing. If a resident requires more care than can be provided by our team, we work with the family, physician and outside providers to find an alternate solution.

We have one nurse practitioner on our team who is always on call. We utilize our nurse practitioner mainly for non-emergent first opinions. If our nurse practitioner feels the situation requires a medication change or doctor’s order to resolve, care will be escalated and driven through the resident’s primary care physician. Emergencies are handled just as they would be in your own home by calling 911.

Our staffing ratio is variable and adjusted based on the needs of our residents in our community at a given time. The number of staff in the building can change by time of day, and day of the week, but we will always have enough here to deliver the care required. Every resident’s Care Plan details the type of care they need, which is delivered by our Caregivers.

Yes, Hope Landing provides medication management. We will communicate with all your providers and coordinate with family when necessary to make sure you have the meds you need, when you need them. For this program to be efficient and accurate we request our residents all use the same pharmacy. Through having a strong pharmacy relationship built on great communication, we can offer a service not seen in other places. Our pharmacy also provides same day delivery, so even if you have a med change, we will have the medication ready for use quickly. 

Yes, we partner with local physicians and can provide options should you request them. That said, you do not have to switch doctors just because you move to Hope Landing. We believe in a resident and their family’s right to choose – from a primary care physician to a physical therapist. If you have a great doctor already we are supportive of keeping them. We will do our best to work with all doctors. One perk of the doctors who we partner with is they are willing to make house calls to our community. It can also be beneficial to work with our partner providers because of our strong relationships and well-developed communication methods, but again, it is never required. Our residents maintain the right to choose their doctor and other providers.

We provide over 80 hours of training upon hire. Additionally, we provide continuing education and training on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Our training protocols include classroom time with testing, mentoring, and skill testing. Our staff is extremely well trained.

No, there are no set visiting hours. This is our residents’ home, we welcome visitors and work with our family and friends to visit their loved ones at a time that works best for them. Some families or friends will choose to call ahead of their visit to make sure their loved one is available or feeling up to the visit. We do ask as part of our house rules that you always be respectful of other residents and keep noise to a minimum as they may be trying to rest.

At Hope Landing, we serve three delicious meals a day in our comfortable dining room. Dining is family style meaning we eat all together at set times each day. Residents can choose from multiple options on our menu for each meal. In addition to meals served our residents are offered snacks twice a day and can get something to eat virtually anytime they want. No one goes hungry at Hope Landing.

Yes! Our menus have evolved over the years. We work hard to get our residents favorite meals on the menu. Upon admission, a member of our team will complete a nutritional assessment so that we are aware of likes, dislikes, allergies, etc. We also analyze our menu based on the number of meals ordered and how well the residents eat it. If no one orders a specific option, then it will likely be removed from the menu. It will also likely be removed if people order it but then don’t eat it. We might also make tweaks to the recipe before removing something completely. Our menu is under constant analysis and continually improving to create a product our residents are satisfied with.

Yes. We will follow guidelines for any prescribed diet. Occasionally, we make special diets that are not prescribed but are requested as well.

No, our residents are not allowed to have a pet reside at Hope Landing. We are, however, very welcoming toward pets coming to visit. When visiting, remember that while many of our residents and staff love animals, not all do. When in common areas please make sure our residents or staff are comfortable with the animal before allowing them to approach.

Yes, in fact you need to. Our apartments are not furnished by design. We want you to bring your own style to your room, so it feels as much like home as possible.

No. Hope Landing operates on month to month contracts. We do not require long-term lease commitments. However, we do require a non-refundable deposit/move-in fee upon signing the residency agreement.

Simply serve Hope Landing with 30 days written notice and you will be free from any further financial responsibility once your possessions have left the apartment as well. Additionally, we are required to obtain in writing where you will be moving to and how care will be provided to you.

Generally, this question is being asked regarding Medicare or some other form of healthcare insurance coverage. The answer is no. Neither Medicare or your private health insurance will pay for assisted living services. If you have Long Term Care Insurance, it may cover our services. The policy would need to be reviewed on a case by case basis to know if it will pay. In general, however, we are a Private Pay community.

Assisted Living can be affordable. When deciding if you can afford it, you should consider all the cost that living at Hope Landing would replace. We have created a comparison tool to help put a number to all the costs we are replacing. Next you should understand the typical method to pay for it. The typical resident is not paying solely with income. Many are paying for assisted living services with a combination of income and savings. Some residents choose to liquidate assets to afford services. Other families might choose to fill the gap themselves by covering costs for their loved one as a family.

The cost to live at Hope Landing is based on two factors. 1) The size of the apartment and 2) The Care Fee. The Care Fee is a time base calculation derived from the time required to deliver the care outlined in each resident’s Care Plan. This of course varies from resident to resident. For more information on our calculation method or for a price quote, call Hope Landing at 517-541-9620.

There are a few state and federal programs that offer financial assistance for certain assisted living costs. The main federal example is a Veteran’s benefit, called “Aid and Attendance,” in which both veterans and their spouses may be eligible for financial assistance with assisted living.  Additionally, there are two state Medicaid programs, known as the MI Choice Waiver and the PACE program that can assist with cost. Both are administered and managed by The Tri-County Office on Aging. Finally, some long-term insurance policies may also cover part or all of the costs for assisted living care. It is generally best to consult with the agencies responsible for the aid directly or consult a financial advisor to assist you in planning. Hope Landing is happy to provide contact information for any of the above programs by calling 517-541-9620.

Yes! In fact, our activity calendars are really based off resident preference. That is accomplished by accepting requests and also by analyzing attendance to planned activities. As our population changes with new residents, they bring with them a new set of likes and dislikes. If activities garner large participation, they continue being scheduled. If other activities do not, we replace them. By continually analyzing our activities we are certain they are meeting our residents needs and interests.

No, Hope Landing does not provide transportation to outside activities. If an outing is planned by our activity department then transportation to and from the event will be arranged by us. We can provide options for ride services that are available should family not be able to provide transportation to appointments or to the store. Many of our families find this to be a nice opportunity to get their loved one out for the day and talk/bond with them.

Yes. If Hope Landing has a room available. We provide short term or respite stays. Stays of this nature can be helpful when families are primary caregivers and would like to take a vacation or have an unforeseen recovery from illness in which they are unable to provide care for a set period.

 Yes! At Hope Landing, couples can live together in their own suite surrounded by their familiar belongings. If you are interested in moving as a couple, please call us at 517-541-9620 as there are some unique rules that must be understood in this circumstance.

Call us today at 517-541-9620. If we don’t have an availability or even if you are not quite ready to move, you can get on our waiting list. There is no charge to be on the list. All we require is for you to submit an inquiry form. This will give us basic information needed to notify you when we have openings. You may submit an inquiry form by emailing it to info@hopelandingalc.com or dropping it off in person.

Hope Landing is a small, caring hometown assisted living facility. I feel very lucky that I found such a wonderful place for my Mom. From the moment you walk into the building, you feel at home. Each resident has a small but comfortable room, where they may bring their own belongings. The rooms are kept very clean by a wonderful staff. Activities a… Read more
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