Corona Virus COVID-19 Information

Corona Virus Information

Visitation Guideline

Indoor Social visits are permissible, but there are some rules…

Rules while here:

  • Visits are by appointment (Appointments are now received as first come first serve)
    • Visits Times are: 9:30-11:30A, 1:30-3:30P, 6-8P
    • Please arrive before 6 PM for Evening Visits.
  • Limit 2 visitors per appointment (if 2 visitors are already here, someone will need to leave, or the visitor will be turned away)
  • All visitors must:
    • Have your temperature taken and be screened for symptoms
    • Sanitize your hands when entering the building
    • Remain masked and Social Distanced 
    • Visit only your resident in their apartment
    • Visitors should not be stopping room to room or visiting in common areas of the building
    • Sign an attestation of no symptoms in last 14 days
    • Sign in, sign out, provide your phone # and attest to notifying us if you test positive within 14 days following
  • Anyone unable or unwilling to mask or comply with the rules will not be allowed to visit at this time.
  • Participate in Point of Entry Testing
    • The test results take 15 minutes, visitors will be asked to return to their vehicle while test results are processing.
    • You must schedule your test the day before to ensure testing capacity is available.

Procedure for scheduling

  • Appointments must be made before 5 PM at least 1 day prior to when you would like to be tested. You may schedule as far in advance as you like.
  • Time slots are the same as visiting:
    • 9:30-11:30A, 1:30-3:30P, 6P
      – Please arrive before 6 PM for evening tests
    • M-F is best for testing capacity
    • Sat and Sun may have limited testing capacity
    • Sat and Sun there is no testing available in the evening
    • You should arrive as close to your appointment time as possible
  • Be prepared to give:
    • Your Name
    • DOB
    • Address
    • Phone #
  • All Tests for Visitation are performed at Hope Landing. 1252 N. Cochran Ave

All appointments will be made by calling Hope Landing. (517) 541-9620